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센터장 인사말

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Soo Bong, Shin

It is my great pleasure to introduce the Research & Information Center for innovative Engineering Education (RICE²). I am Soo-bong Shin, Director of the RICE².
RICE² has fundamental missions of developing teaching methods, providing engineering education information and industry-university cooperation services, and promoting systematic performance management and expansion with the goals of establishing a systematic systems for cultivating creative and convergent talents of all members working on engineering fields that will lead the future industries.

In accordance to the objectives and missions described above, we are building this website ( to share valuable information on engineering educations for students, faculty, industry, and government, and to promote university-industry cooperation.
We, all members in this center, will make the best efforts for the RICE² to be a hub of engineering education in South Korea.

I hope all of you get, share, and enjoy all information on this website

Best wishes,

Soobong Shin